Part of the transmedia documentary “PATIENT” (www.pacientedoc.com). “IMPACIENTE” is a webdoc that uses a “game format”. On a virtual scenario, and via two devices (computer and mobile,) you could immerse yourself on an “ironic health game”. With your computer, you'll find a dialogue in between you and the different characters that, one way or the other, are related to the health care subject. With your mobile (tablets or phone,) you will be able to access videos and news.

All of this with specific game objectives, that may change based on how you “start” the game (asking for an appointment, a treatment, medicine...)

“IMPACIENTE”, is a webdoc about a system where your right for good health service is not important. Come an play while you waste time and health!

“IMPACIENTE” is a webdoc (interactive documentary,) that using a “game” format, uses irony to portray the heath system, specifically, the Colombian scenario. This may also apply to other countries or regions where bureaucracy and economical interests are more important than your right to obtain a proper health care system.

Come an play while you waste time and health!


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